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Amitha Verma & Village Antiques Fall Decor Workshop

Friday, November 15th, 19

The event you’ve been waiting for all year has finally arrived!

The annual Amitha Verma Fall Decor Workshop

On Friday, November 15, we will be demonstrating, step-by-step, EXACTLY how you can bring the Amitha Verma, French country style right to your table.

I know you want to create a beautiful table that will welcome your family with love and warmth. But, it’s a lot to do, you’ve got a million things going on, and you have no idea where to start!

I hear ya! To help you, we have come up with not one, but several stunning design ideas or templates to get you inspired and moving.

After this workshop you’ll be excited to go home and create your design magic!

During this much loved workshop we will reveal:

  • 2-3 expert, Instagram-worthy tablescape designs that you can use to wow your family
  • The absolute must have luxurious touches – you have not seen these before. I started using these last year, and it put my table decor over the top!
  • How to add simple, inexpensive design flair, while keeping it classic – you can use this for Fall and every event you host going forward.
  • All the latest in fall trends and colors (hint: they’re WAY different from last year)
  • My pro tips for using flowers to make autumn designs pop. (I’ll show you exactly which containers to use, which flowers work best, how to arrange them for maximum impact, creative lighting techniques, and much more!)
  • The secret money and time-saving hack I use to create to eye-popping decor on any budget.
  • Discover how to reuse and repurpose everyday items you’ve got lying around the house.
  • How to discover your own unique fall style, we’ll have it all (glam, rough luxe, crystal, rustic)
  • A full selection of brand new arrivals GUARANTEED to get you excited about fall!

I’ll be showing you all of this from start to finish, so you won’t miss a single step.

You’ll also get your very own Fall Decor Quick Start Kit, which includes a detailed checklist of everything you need so you can go home and get started immediately.

Did I mention this event is absolutely FREE?!?

It’s our way of saying THANK YOU for all your support and loyalty over the years!

The only catch? Capacity is super limited.

In order for our small team to provide hands-on, step-by-step instructions, we are only able to host a limited number of complimentary guests.

Whatever you do, don’t wait! This is a ticketed event and you must register to attend!

It literally takes less than 30 seconds!

Once you register we’ll send you a confirmation email and will text you a reminder the day before the event so you don’t forget.

Oh, and of course, what’s a holiday gathering without a glass of great wine!

We’ll have a special sparkling French wine ready for you to sample as soon as you arrive! Think of it as market research for wine options you can use in your own holiday serving. 😉

There will also be raffles and giveaways, a chance to check out some of our newest arrivals, and most importantly, the opportunity to mix and mingle with other design-lovers!

It’s sure to be an absolute BLAST, and again, it’s free so don’t miss out!

Come celebrate the holiday season with me and my team!

Much love,


Class Location


1200 Blalock Rd. Suite 350, Houston, TX 77055

Ph:713 – 468 – 3931